Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finishes for February

Two quilts have been bound so far this month . They both go back a ways but that's okay because so do I. Besides being blasts from the past both had bindings had issues.


First I ran out of bobbin thread with just a final corner to complete.

Second delima was a bit trickier . As you can see not enough of the red section to join up. I had enough of the original and the addition of more fabric solved the problem.

TA ! DA ! I get a buzz out of finishing mostly because the binding is often a slow down spot in the process for me.  

The Gypsy is the newer quilt. Only working on it for 3 years. Well sort of. 

The spools in the center were started as a traveling project in 2010. Finding and making a quilt with them has only been 3 years.

The oldest quilt in line for binding dated back at least 20 years and is now happily  all stitched up and ready for use.  

More projects are waiting and this seems to be a good year to spend time with old "friends"

I plan on spending time making progress on at least 1 incomplete project this week. 

Haveagoodone Terry 

Sunday, January 22, 2017


First there was one
Then there were two

These big hexegon blocks were inspired by my Christmas  present to myself. It arrived on the 23rd of December but I was too busy

making a hobby horse which I completed on Christmas morning.

Late in the afternoon on Boxing Day  I opened the package containing

Margaret Sampson George's book "Take an Element ".  I have been engrosed, enchanted and energised by this book.

Marg SampsonGeorge 's quilts are a joyful mix of antique quilts and a contemporary pallet. Every page has beautiful photos and intriguing ideas. Every time I look through this book something new emerges.

Initially my response was
" yes" lots of color and pop but I don't have all thoes new fabrics and she often uses only a small amount. My stash is not made up of young designers fabrics. But the visual feast and the guidance through her personal approach kept encouraging me.

Every time I looked I see pieces of fabric that I still have a scrap of or had at some point and I am encouraged to read and think about a new approach. Marg Sampson gives technical information on how to incorporate your own quirky playful images. Surprises!!!!

The big epp hexies are for my version of Little Miss April.

Stay tuned  there will be more hexies to come.

Monday, December 19, 2016


There has been stitching. Lots of small bits in between the activities of the season.

All the hexies since the October ones. This is the grap and go project.

These Christmas scrappy hearts turned up in the Christmas tree decorations box. I added the crazy quilting stitchery and buttons.

The branches in the tea pot have hearts as well as other home made decorations.

These Wild  and Goosey  blocks are a journey into paper piecing. Up dates as these pretties grow in number.

Over cast and grey day ________ a good day to play ______ in my scraps.

Enjoy whatever the week brings your way !